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Custom Wigs (Cranial Prothesis)



Dreamzz Custom wigs are designed for those whom want an everday, customized protective style, or for those whom have hair loss due to alopecia or a medial condition or treatment which causes the hair to be permanently loss.  


Dreamzz wigs is also designed for total hair loss and to promote hair growth.  Its very thin, soft & light design is specifically made to be undetectable and for chemotherapy clients. Units can be worn during and after treatments, and throughout and hair regrowth process.  the wig life is up to 3 years, with proper care.



Cranial prothesis (wigs) can be purchased out of pocket or covered by most insurance companies.

Customized to be worn in a variety of ways suitable for your daily wear.

Light weight silk base scalp, made for easy durability.

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